LSV Predictor: 25

Another gameweek, another attempt of getting my predictions right.. Paul Merson, I am coming for you.. ARSENAL v HULL CITY What’s happening at the Emirates? Two defeats in one week, again… The Gunners were awful at Stamford Bridge, and Wenger has decided to create havoc with his latest statements (you wish you were Spurs…). Hull […]

LSV Predictor: 24

Getting better.. got some results right last time, so just need to keep it up.. CHELSEA v ARSENAL Chelsea are just too good this season – surely they have not been hit by injuries and this is always a plus, but they are just too strong for anyone else. They have shown that White Hart […]

LSV Predictor: 23

Well, last time I was not as sharp as I hoped… I have two chances to get it right this week, so let’s crack on with the first one.. ARSENAL v WATFORD Can you see something different from an Arsenal win? Watford are a poor side in my opinion, they just won’t go down because […]

LSV Predictor: 22

Hello All, First attempt at my new category, the LSV Predictor! Each week I will predict the exact result of every Premier League game, together with a small explanation of my statement. Let’s see what I can do. LIVERPOOL v SWANSEA CITY I just don’t think Swansea are good enough this year to stay up. […]