It’s impossible not to feel touched by what is going to happen tomorrow.

Any football fan would tell you that their team’s home ground is like a second home, it’s like the church where your religion compels you to attend..

Tomorrow the last game will be played in the place where every Spurs fan has left voice, sweat, energy, where every Spurs fan has left memories..

Tomorrow is probably the day where being nostalgic will be absolutely acceptable, but we don’t have to forget the bigger picture here.. The old, the past, the history are making way to a new chapter, which promises to be one of the most exciting for the club, the players, the staff, the fans..

That is the future. The present is the time for memories.


This is my first ever game at the Lane. Tottenham-Chelsea 1-1. A British friend I used to spend all my summers with invited me to the Lane. Up until then I just enjoyed watching the games on tv, but I would have not called myself a Tottenham fan. This is the day where everything clicked. The atmosphere was just mindblowing. Didn’t need another single second. That was the day Tottenham Hotspur chose me. That was the day I chose Tottenham Hotspur. Can’t be any prouder to be a Spurs fan.

Then Spurs Italia came along. It was incredible to believe that I was not the only Italian mad enough to support Tottenham. In Spurs Italia I found almost a second family. People I know only for a few years, people I see maximum three/four times a year, and people I feel I have spent my childhood with. Such is the power of this club, the power of this place. I have to thank The Lane for finding new friends I have the pleasure to share this passion with.

And to Spurs Italia it’s linked the best memory of my life as a Spurs fan.


I actually played at The Lane. I was part of a group of almost 50 lucky fans who were invited by the club to play a match between supporters. Cliff Jones, Graham Roberts, Spurs coaches, Spurs kits, just wow. I think the most incredible thing was hearing the official Spurs speaker calling my name. Just unforgettable. I play as a goalkeeper, so I had chance of looking around, alone in the box. I turned on myself three-four times, I could not believe what I was experiencing. This will always be with me.

Nothing will ever be able to delete these memories, but I believe the club is doing the right thing. We are on the up, and the new stadium is a necessary brick of the history we are building.

The future is bright, the future is Lilywhite. But now let’s just enjoy #TheLaneTheFinale.



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