Well, That Escalated Quickly

Those Four Days were mental.

I have always been a proud Spurs fan, but this week I could almost feel some degree of envy from colleagues of other teams – you guys must be happy, they say..

How could you not be? In my opinion, two massive away wins, who I think demonstrate the jump of quality Spurs are making. As a Team. Harry, you know what, we missed you less than what we feared. And welcome back anyway.

As said in the past, this a TEAM sublimated by the quality of the individual. I underline, a TEAM. Look at the celebrations for Son’s 1-2 goal. Everyone gathered to celebrate. Nkoudou for example. He plays rarely, he is clearly not among the first choices on the bench. And look how he celebrated. Janssen, he doesn’t play that much, and when he does, he struggles to score. But look at how hard he works for the others. Almost like he is aware is not contributing with goals, so he feels he needs to work harder somewhere else not to let the others down. Look at his reaction when he realised Son scored after his great back heel assist. A natural, instinctive reaction. The reaction a fan would have. Or look at the passion on Walker’s face. These are the reactions of people who are happy to be there, happy to be part of this, happy to make even the minimal contribution to this team.

And most of the merit of this goes to the man sitting in the dugout. He is magic, you know…

He is making this team special. We are fighting for the title for the second season in a row, and Champions League qualification is starting to look more comfortable than we could have imagined. This year we have also added a FA Cup semifinal (so far), and who knows…

Being honest, I want that cup. As fans, we deserve it. But even if it didn’t come, I am sure the team would have tried the hardest to get it.

Three wishes for next season. One, Sissoko to become a more integral part of the team. Really it feels like he is the only one who has not clicked in yet. I am sure he’ll just need to be with us for the full summer, and he’ll be flying. Two, Lamela back. He started the season well and then started to have problems. If he is the one who started the season, he’ll give a great contribution. Three. A trophy. And we’ll finally write our name in history.

Up the Spurs!


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