People understand we are serious now: Spurs – Southampton 2-1

The Southampton game may end up being the most important game this season. Would have been the perfect day if Chelsea had drawn, but the day still says +3 points gained on Arsenal, +2 on Man City & Liverpool. But more importantly, I think it has shown people that we are not the same Tottenham anymore. People are starting taking us seriously. Other teams are starting looking at us as a threat. “3-points” Lane does not exist anymore.

10 wins in the last 10 games. We made WHL our fortress, funnily in the last year there. Would be great to bid farewell unbeaten there.

The game has been important because it showed we are a mature team. We missed Harry, but at the end we comfortably beat a tricky team to play against. Because, let’s be honest, they didn’t have a single shot on goal after scoring the 2-1, and if it wasn’t for the rare Alderweireld mistake, we would be talking about another clean sheet. What I have seen is a team of young players who are maturing together. I had the sensation on Sunday that everyone in that team knew what to do. I stopped counting the offside for Shane Long at the 60′. Not a single mistake in holding the line. The same usual great Wanyama, and a Dembbele on a great day. Eriksen stepped up his game, knowing that Harry was not there to hold the team hand and lead it to the win. And Alli, crazy as you like, but madly clever for a player his age. That penalty is just pure malice, pure clever. And another goal to his tally.

And I think it was not just me seeing this, I think everyone is seeing it now. I think Arsenal fans are starting dealing with the idea that St Totteringham’s day may not happen this year. And trust me, I’d go mental if that happens.

If we finish top 3 in the league, and win the FA cup, I think we have a great platform for exciting seasons ahead.



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