Hello dear readers,

I know, it’s been a long time. I do apologise, but I was too busy watching Spurs, hope you’d understand.

3 games in 10 days, almost without planning to. I should have just watched the Everton game, ended up experiencing #10DaysofSpurs.

I promise I won’t bore you with tactical analysis, but just with a reflection on the emotions I experienced. I promise I won’t bore you about how effective we are with 3 at the back, I have already stated and provided evidence so many times… Oops…

Spurs v Gent


This night happened almost as a rush of blood to the head. I had just landed in London after the first leg finished. Sh*t, we lost 1-0. Just the time of getting home, and I had purchased the return leg ticket… “We’ll smash them, £10 tickets, Wembley, Click Buy” that was my train of thoughts.

The atmosphere was amazing – after Wanyama’s goal, we all believed we would have done it, but just didn’t happen… Gent’s last night result just adds to the regret, but it wasn’t for us…


Spurs v Stoke City


It’s happened agaaaaain!!!

No, I am not just referring to another 4-0 to Stoke City. I am referring to another rush of blood to the head. Receive a text from a dear Spurs friend about a spare ticket, no hesitation, “yes I’ll take it”. Couple of days later I was sitting witnessing one of the best example of footballing cinicysm. Kane 1, Kane 2, Kane 3, and we march on.


Spurs v Everton


My #10DaysofSpurs just went into a crescendo, and they closed with a boom. This was the day I realised another forward had reignited my love for the category. Several years after Pippo Inzaghi, my favourite player ever. I usually cheer for the hard-working midfielders, the ones who do not live in the spotlight, but the ones who work in the dark, and reflect the light on the others. Wanyama 12 has already booked the back of my kit.

I had just told my SpursItalia mate sitting next to me how tight the game was. No shots on goal in 18 minutes. Then Harry. I think I did not even fully realise what he had just done. “Don’t worry guys, I’ll take care of it” he seemed to be saying to the Lane. A nervous, silent Lane suddenly bursting into unstoppable joy. A sense of confidence and belief just sprung. Fair play to Chelsea, but we are getting there. A solid team, sublimated in the talent and class of the individual.

I was so glad to share these feelings with my friends from SpursItalia. I thought I would have been one of the few Italians supporting Spurs when I joined the group a few years ago. One of the few crazy to support a team who takes ages to win something. I found a group of incredible people, a group of friends, that I almost feel I grew up with, so strong is the passion that brings us all together. And that passion can be found at N17. So far from home, so close to the heart.



P.S. – You can find SpursItalia on:

Facebook & Instagram – @spursitalia

Twitter – @italiaspurs


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