Spursy week…

Strange week, really.

If you look for ‘Spursy’ on your dictionary, you may find a reference to the past week.

We were terrible at Liverpool. No fire, no desire, no focus. Deservely beaten. Then Gent. I have not watched it, but friends told me it was not one of our best performances. Then we turn up at Craven Cottage. Loads of pundits were indicating the danger of the game – many even backing Fulham to get the shock of the round (no one expected Lincoln). Instead, full control, 0 risks, Kane hat-trick and the team back to its best. Nothing better than this to descrive Spursy.

As mentioned after the match v Wycombe, the FA cup needs to be a serious target for us. And I think Pochettino recognised that with the line up selection last Sunday. We are so close, it would be foolish not to try. The draw has been good with us. I found myself doing a sort of “Klopp” celebration when I saw Chelsea & Man U drawn together. Millwall at home. Apart from the EFL cup final under Poch, it’s a long time we are not at Wembley for a domestic competition. It’s time again. Let’s go past Millwall and go full steam on the cup.

Premier League – well, yeah we played poorly at Liverpool. But we are still third, with really only one tough game away (Turf Moor). As said, let’s focus on finishing top 3, and finally above Arsenal. I am cool with joking on them being trashed 5-1 in Munich, I am cool with singing about Wenger staying, but let’s not forget he has never finished below us. It’s time.

Europa League – I think it’s a competition we can win, and Gent was not really our standard. Being honest, I almost hoped the tie would still be open. I am going on Thursday, I am confident we’ll turn it around. We have done this before, we should do it now. It’s time.



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