Match Analysis: Liverpool – Spurs 2-0

Change of throw in for Eriksen. That can be the moment summarising our performance yesterday. Complete lack of focus. Liverpool just tore us apart. They needed 20 minutes at really high tempo, and their job was done.

Do you now understand why I said I hate Liverpool away? We never manage to do anything there. And surely you can’t think you can get anything if you don’t show up on the pitch. Defence was in shambles, midfield absent, attacking players playing hide-and-seek.

Defence – rarely I have seen Spurs defending so badly. And it seems that we always make the same mistake against top 6/7 sides. They invite us in their half so we push our defensive line really high up the pitch. Just look at the goals we conceded at Chelsea, Manchester United, Manchester City and Liverpool. They all look the same, especially Mané’s and Mkhitaryan’s. They invite our full backs to push high, so they can be cut out in any counter attack. And apart from Walker and Rose, we lack a bit of pace at the back, which we compensate with great positioning skills. The difference in pace between Mané and Davies was embarassing. I am not sure why we did not play 3 at the back. It gives much more protection and better supports playing a high line. I just think that in these big games we should sit a bit deeper and try to break on the counter.

Midfield – Dembélé was the only one trying to make things happen. I am just astonished how he is able to go past people without even running. Strangely Wanyama was not on the ball, and I’d rather not talk about Eriksen and Alli. I don’t know what happens to Eriksen. When he is in form, he is one of the best in the league. But the number of matches he disappears from is becoming too large. When we struggle we need our best players to get us out of trouble. Alli will be one of the best English midfielders in history, but he needs to stop thinking he is already there. He needs to stay humble and hungry if he wants to live up to his talent.

Attack – Kane was just badly served and played too far from the Liverpool goal to be dangerous. Son, again, was the only one constantly on the move. But he needs to be sharper. You can’t hit the keeper from that distance, you need to but it in the back of the net. I am sure the game would have changed if he had scored.

This said, I am sure we will bounce back, as we did when we lost this season. Let’s not forget we have lost as many games as Chelsea (only three) and we will still be at least third after this round of games. I believe this is a minor blip, but we cannot show again the same attitude as yesterday.

I am just concerned that we will try to chase Chelsea and end up burnt, like we did last season. I think we should be honest with ourselves. We have to fight for finishing in the top 3 and finally above the undesired North London neighbours. That has to be our focus. If Chelsea lose points (which I don’t think they will), we will be there. But we all want to avoid an end of season like last year’s.


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