Match Review: Man City v Spurs

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Our game last night can be summarised by the picture above – we may have had one of the worst games of the season, but we have shown we have guts when it matters. Strangely ghostly in attack for the majority of the game, our decision making was superb when it mattered. You can bend us, but we are f**** tough to beat.

As I said in the match preview, Guardiola had two choices – go full on, or try to contain us and play on the counter. I was expecting more of the second option, instead he went for the first. He chose the most attacking formation he could, if you think that Yaya Touré was playing in front of the back 4.

Let’s be honest, they completely dominated us in the first half. But they have a serious problem this season, which Spurs are quite familiar with. They convert far less chances than they create. And it’s funny to think how they managed to score twice, on probably the only two mistakes that Hugo will make all season.

As for Spurs, I could almost perceive in the guys some sort of worry, like we were scared of winning this match. It’s enough to see how many balls we lost when starting the move from the back, like we were not feeling comfortable to play it. This just encouraged City to pile up the pressure.

The game confirmed what said about Kevin Wimmer – he doesn’t seem comfortable at all playing in a back three. He pretty much miscalculated the timings of intervention all the time. Not by chance, he was replaced at the start of the second half. Poch recognised we needed something more in front, to keep City defenders a bit busier. This worked in the second half, as City did not manage to bring as many bodies forward. But funny enough, they scored twice when probably they could have been less likely to. In both occasions, they scored with the only man they had in the box, when everyone else was at least 20 metres behind. In the first goal, Sané just too easily crept between Walker and Dier. He scored exactly the same goal he scored against Arsenal. So I think our defenders have to take their fair share of the blame, together with Hugo. The second goal is just an error from Lloris, as it rarely happens.

Then we started playing and we equalised. Walker’s cross on the first goal was superb, the move for the second goal was of the highest quality. If we think about how the game went, this point feels like a victory. On the other side, I think that we could have won just with a bit more arrogance.

Let me spend a few words on Victor Wanyama. Player of the season for me. Nothing went past him yesterday, and he didn’t have any problems in moving to the back line and reject any attempt. Monstruous.


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